Old New Millenium

by Atsphear

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EP que sirvió como presentación del disco "Children of the Fields".
Incluye los temas "Old New Millenium", "Oblivion", "Burn the Flame" y "Shadows".

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released November 5, 2009

Juan Domínguez - Voz
Sergio Lara - Guitarra
Manuel Probanza - Guitarra
Carlos Delgado - Bajo
Víctor Hernández - Batería.

Voz adicional en "Ascent Descent" y "Burn de Flame" por Amaya López C.
Solo de guitarra en "Raíces" por Luis Torres.

Grabado por Luis Torres, Juan Domínguez y César Berzal (Rec Disease Studios).

Mezclado y masterizado por Omar Tenani (Endless Producciones).

Producido por Atsphear y Omar Tenani.

Artwork por Carlos Delgado.




Atsphear Madrid, Spain

"Si el Universo pudiera hablar, sonarían las voces de monstruos desconocidos.”
Tras más de diez años de evolución musical, Atsphear ha logrado hacer confluir la potencia y crudeza del metal actual con la melodía y musicalidad de multitud de influencias dentro del amplio abanico del rock.

Así lo muestran en "Redshift". Un concepto que cuestiona el papel del ser humano en el universo que le rodea.
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Track Name: Old New Millenium
Breathing the scent of a past better air.
(We're sowing the seeds).
Die by the edge of the tonge of your partners.
(To harvest the grief).
Encourage the beast!

Holding the detonator with a weak hand.
(We're making our bet).
Choose any card. Will be hard when we see it.
(Death in disguise).

Psychosomatic crisis, mistrust, accept the menace.
Believe the voice that's telling you yo fear the others.
Spirit paranoia, dawn of a world size fear.
A heart attack, a lack of hope, a reign of tears.

Welcome to the new old millenium.
Take part of the new world hysteria.
Old new millenium.
Track Name: Oblivion
I've gone through this judgement once
and I claimed for my innocence.
My own mistakes walk by my side.

I've gone through this judgement twice
and I was found guilty.
Forgiveness walks one step ahead.

'Cause there's no hope in this oblivion.
I am the prosecutor and I am the executioner.

Bring myself to the eye of the storm where a part of me is holding the keystone.

I save myself, I trap myself, I hurt myself, I heal myself.
Track Name: Burn the Flame
Pay attention to the words. Listen closer.
This is what you're waiting for. Hear me talking.

Whispers louder. Words upcoming.
Learning process. Improvement of the will.

Burn the flame of your intention!

The way I feel won't let me think
about the things to leave behind.
Which one to take? Which one to waste, my friend?

Drain that sickness from your head. Wake up sleeper!
Surely one day you will rest, but not yet.

Watch how your time sinks in quicksand.
Fight to rise up from this swamp you call life.
Track Name: Shadows
I'm buried now in a desert.
Im' buried now alive.

Althought everything is quiet on the surface,
there are snakes down underground.
Althought everything is alright by your side,
there are shadows in my soul.
There are shadows in my soul that noone can see.

Althought you have thought about it many times,
it is not enough for me.
I've been eating sand, i've been drinking sweat,
there is no life in here. no chance to forget.
I've been wasting time, I've been gaining pain.
There is no air here. No way to strain.

There are shadows in my soul that noone can see.
You can take everything from me. It doesn't matter now.
You can leave me here in my grave.
I will escape, but I don't know how.