New Line System

by Atsphear

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Primer álbum de la banda. Editado en 2005 por Zero Records, recibió muy buenas críticas debido a su amalgama de bases de metal contundentes y melodías propias del rock y heavy metal más clásico.


released March 10, 2005

Sergio Lara - Guitarra
Manuel Probanza - Guitarra
Carlos Delgado - Bajo
Víctor Hernández. - Batería
Rafael Fernádez. - Voz.

Teclado en 6, 8 y 9 por Juan Manuel Zambrano.
Sólo de guitarra en "Supernova" por Javier Rúbio.

Producido por Javier Rúbio.

Artwork por MelezArtworks

Grabado en Estudios Korsakov.




Atsphear Madrid, Spain

"Si el Universo pudiera hablar, sonarían las voces de monstruos desconocidos.”
Tras más de diez años de evolución musical, Atsphear ha logrado hacer confluir la potencia y crudeza del metal actual con la melodía y musicalidad de multitud de influencias dentro del amplio abanico del rock.

Así lo muestran en "Redshift". Un concepto que cuestiona el papel del ser humano en el universo que le rodea.
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Track Name: Atmosphere X
A new world in front of us.
It has just started.
A future full up machines and inert.
Vapors filling up the air. Gearing check by machines.
A future full up deaths and agony.

They are being watched over. They work for it's well-being.
Atmosphere's slaved. Rarefied to toxicity.
It's our future. We are comdemned.
Atmosphere X.

There's no salvation. Everything is ruined.
But the worst is about to arrive.
We can't stand more pain. My sons starved to death.
And I feel fear of my own reality.

I can't understand this fucking reality.
Track Name: Psycho Circle
Paranoia is the lie. It is the larve of my sick mind.
There is nothing telling me,
so I will stand the infection of my brain.

Trying to cleanse the infection.
That is only fiction.
Within myself to be what I am / what I became.

For this time I lost my friends.
I´m left alone within my mind.
I want to keep the last remorse
before you eliminate my life.

Clarity is the end of a tunnel.
A life out of control.
Psycho circle, draw your shape on my face.
This is my final beat.
Track Name: Supernova
Coming, coming
one of the most explosives.
The light. A blast wave that ejects.
When it's nuclear fuel is exhausted,
then it's core will collapse.

Coming, coming
the charm of supernovae.
The end of a massive star into nuclear energy.
A chemical evolution.

Where is the brightness?
Within the sky!
The zodiacal night.
Track Name: Your Strain
Moans because demise of a beloved.
His life has been shattered.
Victim of her worry.

And you're thinking that did the better.
Die, die!
His shame was your proud.
Your eyes shed awful scarlet tears.
What did you listen inside of you?

You used my heart and shut my mouth.
I never felt your gaze.
Thought you loved me.

Hear this words of relief coming out like the rain.
It's my last goodbye.
Track Name: beLIEve
Last day on Earth. The sky spits fire.
Our time is over forever.

Souls devoured. Eternal death.
The judgement day is now.

In my heart everything is a lie. That's the only truth.
A dark flame burns my mind.
Like the truth burns the lie.

I won't believe in your lie.

Holy bible and false devices.
It doesn't makes sense. Accept it!

I deny you and your shady words.
Forgotten promises forever.

How deep is your faith?
It doesn't explains.
I remember one time when everything was better.

I will not come back. It haunts my dreams.
We want to be free to believe in a different god.
Track Name: F@mily
I've always belonged to the time. The new age.
I am ready to go to live all my life.
A new family search escapes from me.

The feelings are forever.
As I begin to carve my wishes.
While I am looking for you.
I don't care what's next.

Anyway an empty place will take up the weak minds.
Once again nothing can save my blurred emotions.
Track Name: Hall of Mirrors
Taste my terror.
Spiral of hate.
So bloody in this world so rancid.
There is no return from hall of mirrors.

You hear my cry.
It keeps me so alive.
Every dream so forlorn.
And there's no way out from hall of mirrors.

I slay your hopes and dreams.

I am undone.
Something disappeared. So tragic.
And I close my eyes slowly.
Take my life away from hall of mirrors.

I choose a dream.
But you're killing me so furious.
So dying here i go again.
In hall of mirrors.
Track Name: Sensory
A blow, cold, in my mind.
A shiver in my back.
Experience. Sensories.
Memories through my eyes.

No. I can't see through my eyes.
It is dried 'cause the time get it. Feel it.
A sign of blood and fire.
Track Name: Electrostatic Nation
Beyond my space.
From my insanity.
Embody the light. In a quiet place for them lives.

Over a black hole shine electric stars.
It's real.
A sign of future.

Electric spine.
The mistery of time.
Tonight you'll find the new light.

You live in a dream world.
Don't lie to yourself.
You know you were lost in your dreams.
Sentry of your fears.

It's uncertain path to go into your mind.
So introverted to cross the line towards the stars.

If I fail my question and I find my answer.
Now is the time to electrostatic nation.

Build your own illusion.
Leave your mind everyday.
You'll find peace in electrostatic nation.
Track Name: Between Love & Hate
On this words I spit, how I've dried the tears,
I'm not broken. I ain't the one that you think.
Bad things all around now are deep inside.
Now I see the colors between black and white.

This is my new beginning and not my courtain falls.
I'm not as weak as before.
Your laughs make me love...

The pain you will feel.
The spark you won't see.
You'll be here while I'll be there.
Then you'll suffer.

This is just my revenge.

Past the time I'm here swimming in my dreams.
And you're broken, shank in your beliefs.
Once you were my core, but that was before.
I needed a virgin and you was a whore.

This is your new beginning.
This is your courtain's fall.
You're now weaker than before.
Your love just make me laugh.

This is just my revenge.
Track Name: State of Coma
Deep, mysterious.
Bring off your mind the experience.
Given dreams all ridden with pain.
Trying to find some peace of mind.
There's innocence for my reason.

And my eyes are dead. I preserve the calm.
Wearing the mask of a ghost.
Mercy in my eyes.

Now is time to dream.
Waiting anxiety for a fair judgement.

Let me taste.
I'm still beneath in the soil.
In this endless coma of souls.
Ochre sands are blown by the wind.
In this land where ravens cry their agony.

Let me feel.
I'm dying fast inside your tears.
The silence of your embrace.
The mere reflection brought disgust.
The end.
Honouring the one engraved.

This time you are beyond all help.
In solid tears I linger.
My shadow is born from a light.